2 Stroke Motocross- ”Big Red”

2 Stroke Motocross- ''Big Red''Leading up to the recent DBR long term test bike launch we thought that there was going to be a distinct lack of 2 stroke awesomeness… therefore we decided…

  1. Honda and big red can hang their head ; while the Big BLUE CREW can OUTDO
    and SUBDUE honda’s Annoying thread of media brainwashing that has been
    INBRED . YAMAHA: the Truth and the beginning of the end of tall tall tale
    which honda has spread. We created the 250 class, so before people LAUGH id
    suggest you take my advice and ride the better of the two, THE YAMAHA
    BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mate sick ed id just like to say a big thank u for all the hard work u do i
    tryed to make a edit and it took me 2 weeks and it still was crap so well
    done and thanks

  3. Best video you have ever made lazer!

  4. What song is this man?? Awesome cr 250 bro

  5. Awesome edit man. I own a cr250 myself and I feel that there isn’t enough
    cr 250 vids. Lots of everything else but that

  6. what year of honda

  7. The song is Ready To Go – Damian Starkey & Paul Phillips

  8. Sick edit man!

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