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  2. @elpapi152 I do but on j’s the number I got cut back to is so small it’s
    not even worth mentioning in a video

  3. I notice from the OGs to the 2007 retros and the 2013 retros, the elephant
    print keeps getting darker. I’d take the ogs or the 2013, show the elephant
    print or don’t. I don’t like stiff leather. I recently got the 2010 Chicago
    2s, and that stiff leather doesn’t look good once it creases. I think they
    got the paint job right this time around.

  4. Do these fit like the crimson 3s

  5. u dont do pre orders no more?

  6. I’m feelin the ones from 07 that leather is nice

  7. @Buttafromtheduck yeah but the downfall to the 07 I forgot to mention is
    the midsole paint is THE WORST IN HISTORY 1 wear will look like 40 as far
    as chipping and cracking

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