GRANT HILL 2 or FILA 96 REVIEW   ***GRAIL***ive been hunting for these for 15years now the only shoes ive wanted more in that time were concords and playoff xiii’s its still hard to believe i have thes…

  1. Love these kicks one of my grails too most of the grant hill series I love.
    Need those stacks to and the converse grandmama and the gh3 gh4 all them
    lol and the answer 1 the red joints

  2. I love that you love that he loves this shoe.

  3. Definitely one of my grails too. Nice shoes for sure bring me back to my
    high school days.

  4. How u keep those 7″s from getting the mid sole crease and them jumpman
    intact on the inside.

    I wore my 7’s a hand full of times and I have missile creases and side toe
    box creases and jumpman Is gone.

    Its casual wear when I wear them

  5. I love that u love this shoe

  6. Dope pick up these young cats don’t understand how much these kicks mean to
    us older cats that rocked or knew about these back in the day growing up
    fila was one of the top competitors. The retail is $90.00 fam but packers
    sold them for $100.00 had to cop two pairs of these my vid will be up soon

  7. YESSSS Speechless when i got these!

  8. haven’t struck out on a release in a long time. i would use all 400
    characters up if i explained my love for this sneaker. the crazy thing
    about it is my daughter just watched this whole review with me. and if you
    know the attention span if a 1 year old. you know that’s something amazing.
    nice review, great pickup bro

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