KD 5 PREMIUM AUNT PEARL REVIEWIm a little late but i got these from a homie in chicago S/O to you again mr.pagan lmk what y’all think of these ME i love the 4 and its better then the 5 bu…

  1. You play for the heat?

  2. Nobody said these were more limited but they are JUST AS LIMITED they were
    hoh only (which still means select niketowns also had them like the iv) and
    the select hoh and niketowns that got them got around 18 pairs same as the
    limited iv’s last THANKS THOU I know what I’m talking about

  3. werent even that limited… people like this fag is the reason why shoes
    get so hyped up.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA do society a favor and jump from the tallest building u can

  5. “yea fuck the bulls, he he he he he,” Your fucking hilarious dude

  6. they werent that limited…the kd 4 ap were way more limited than these

  7. nice pick up / pink laces

  8. shut the fuck up….. you think you know everything huh…. fat ass queer.

  9. Yeah a miami fan

  10. I know its that kd iv aunt pearls were not released online at all so thats
    what made them alot harder to come by

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