1. preciate that, i gave you a like and can you and more than one size like, i
    put in size 11 and size 8

  2. im so glad you did it on a mac

  3. Got a question, well 2 really – 1. Does nike cancel your order if you use
    this bot? 2. When using twitter on google chrome, do you get the TLO on
    your computer? or do you have to refresh your computer at 8am?

  4. So do i have to purchase a bot …i see links that say free , do they work?

  5. is there a way to get more of the same s.z?

  6. Does the bit work for windows ?

  7. if you need a reliable bot, contact botsniping@yahoo.com for more info and
    pricing. You will not be dissapointed with the success you will have! 

  8. please like video if this tutorial helped you, thanks

  9. ty homie works liek a charm, just disable itself sometimes!

  10. Thanks man, I’ve been looking for one that worked for a while now.

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