1. haha. yeah I had just rushed in from outside (it was raining) and had to do
    the review quick because I was about to leave town. 🙂

  2. You have to wear the hangtag. Just cause your a fuckin hypbeast newcomer
    who thinks they know something about the shoe game if ur a of who grew up
    in Detroit like me you hangtag or you die bitch

  3. the quality on these is so nice compared to everything else this year. nice

  4. Here in Australia it cost $220 and sold out within hours. Mine had glue
    stains around the midsole but managed to clean most of it up. Awesome
    coloured shoe.

  5. i bought 3 pair and didnt have any flaws

  6. back in the day we wore the hangtag on the shoe i dont do it as often
    unless its like a shoe that matches the hangtag so my cav 4’s yr gonna see
    a hangtag

  7. His nose was stuffed as shit hahahah

  8. My pair was perfect

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Jordan Retro 4